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Ashley Gurczynski!




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What Memorial Day Means To You?

†††††††††† Each year we celebrate Memorial Day, but does anyone actually truly celebrate this holiday or does it mean anything to them? Memorial Day is when we remember those who have died serving the United States of America in past or present wars. Not to be confused with Veteranís Day, which celebrates every soldier in the United States living or dead.

†††††††††† As an American, I take Memorial Day for granted. Many of the reasons Iím free today is because people fought for me. What if they hadnít, would I be here?† What would I be doing? I might not have been able to believe in what I want or maybe as bad as not having this laptop to type this on. They died just so I could live my life for someone they donít even know and never will know. I always just thought of it as another day off from school and who really cares about this holiday. Then I started contemplating in my head what if someone I knew really died in war? My grandfather served in the army a few years in the younger days and fought in the Korean War. Also, my brother currently serves in the army as a Ranger since 2005 and he has done some pretty dangerous tasks. Would I still be happy so happy to spend the day at home probably watching TV all day? I really began to consider that this is really a day to remember all the people that served for us and died. Many people know soldiers that have died serving us and will forever be mourning them.

†††††††††† Maybe we donít know someone personally who died for us, but we do know that someone did. I donít know many people that would stand in front of a bullet for me or a complete stranger. Do you?


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